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What if all your home appliances are controlled by remote? Maybe you will become lazy. But it seems fantastic, isn't it?


Posted by Cary on June 7 2018, 13:41pm

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Your shutter hardware specialist, we will keep telling you: shutters are important elements of your home. You should not neglect their qualities and their ability to insulate you from light, but also from heat and cold. There are several reasons for this: long range wireless relay lighting and thermal comfort contributes to your well-being, and good insulation allows you to save energy and money. It's good for you, but it's also good for the environment.


And you know what else? If you do energy retrofit work in your home, you may qualify for the Energy Transition Tax Credit (ISTC), and without any condition of resources and without doing a lot of work.


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CITE, for what facilities?

The energy improvement is extensive and ranges from thermal insulation to renewable energy generation rf remote control equipment and the installation of condensing boilers. This applies, among other things, to roller shutters and sliding shutters, but also to swing shutters made of wood, PVC and some aluminum models. Your doors must be solid and without louvers in order to be insulating. Note that shutter accessories, including their type of closure, help reduce energy loss.


To take advantage of the CITE, the manufacturer must provide you with a document certifying the thermal resistance of its product, and proving that it allows real energy savings.

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